TradesmanNOW is a professional services business aligning their clients with certified, trustworthy local tradesmen. They have this really nifty 5-out-of-5 star rating system that allows their customers the ability to rate the work completed and share their overall experience publicly, allowing TradesmanNOW to keep only the best tradesmen.

James contacted me initially looking for a logo design to brand his new business. He was dead set on wanting a friendly, recognisable mascot and really clean, bright logo that would stick in your mind. I was pumped! Mascot design, HECK YEAH!

… And then I saw his website …

and I died a little bit inside. It was so bad. No amount of logo perfection would look good mounted on that monstrosity. I talked him into letting me design just his homepage to match the new brand to start off with and we agreed to see where that would take us.

He received such great feedback about the redesign and brand (honestly, I cant take TOO much credit for that as .. it really was pretty horrible, anything would have looked better) that he has since had all the internal pages designed to match.

Such a fun project and I am so truly thankful to James for trusting me with his baby. I write the above in jest knowing he will read it and smile, you’re a good sport mate!

Tradesman Now

Tradesman NOW

tradesman now

“Sarah’s work is amazing. Originally I had put together a rough design layout which I thought was fabulous, but Sarah hated it. Which is why I love working with her, she tells me how it is and wont try and sugar coat it. After we had discussed my direction and what I wanted out of the website she went away and did her magic. What she came back with was nothing short of genius!! Comparing our old layout to the new one she created makes me cringe, I cant believe we could even think it was OK to operate under our old layout.
Our business page now looks smart, professional and easy for our customers to use.
Since the site has been done we have used Sarah for Multiple other things to make our business stand out from our competitors and will continue to do so. If you are looking for a website design that you think is passible but in reality makes people feel ill- attempt it yourself, but If you are looking for an awesome chick who’s work is amazing, I cant recommend Less than three Studios work enough.”

James Mullany – Tradesman Now

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